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37MM Holiday Celebration Kits

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Start your new year with an Exotic BANG!!!  These 37mm Holiday kits include either 50, 42, or 30 rounds for your New Years and Christmas celebrations.  These three kits have something for everyone, from the reloader to the guy who just wants drop it in and pull the trigger.  Each kit comes with 1-3 of our Limited Edition Purple Casings, which are only available in these kits.  Everything you will need to have one heck of a party. This kit is only available until midnight on December 31st or while supplies last. Once we are out of Limited Edition Purple Casings these kits are gone.   As an added gift this item ships free to the lower 48 states.

30 Pack Live Kit includes 6 Freedom Tacers, 6 Whistle Pigs, 6 Breakers, 6 Dragon Eggs, 3 Comets, 3 Screaming Eagles.  All live loaded ready to fire in reusable aluminum casings.  One Pack of 3 Whistle Pigs will come loaded in 3 of our limited Edition Purple Casings.  (30 Rounds)

42 Pack Ready Load Kit includes 6 Whistle Pigs, 6 Freedom Tracers, 6 Dragon Eggs, 6 comets, 6 Breakers, 6 Screaming Eagles, 6 Glitter and Shine, 2 Limited Edition Purple Casings, 3 Powder Bushing 10 Packs, 1 Instruction Book.  This kit Saves $100.00 off Retail (42 rounds)

50 Pack Reloader includes 3 Bird Banger Kits, 2 Star Cluster Kits, 1 Firework Kit, 3 Powder Bushing 10 packs, 1 Limited Edition Purple casing, 1 Instruction Booklet.  This kit Saves $100.00 off of retail (50 Rounds)

These kits may take up to one week to ship!!  Limited Quantities Available 

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