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Limited Edition "THE SET" With Patch

Limited Edition and limited Quantity once they are gone they are gone.

 The Full Set of Ready Load Ammo Plus Limited Edition Patch

This set includes 1 package of each New 3 Pack of ready load ammo.

(3)Screaming Eagles, (3)Freedom Tracers, (3)Comets, (3)Whistle Pigs, (3)Glitter and Shine, and (3)Dragon Eggs.  Projectile types may vary depending on availability.

This set saves $35 off buying them individually

This ammo is ready to load into your aluminum casings.  Signaling type ammo for 37MM launchers.  These do require aluminum 37mm casings to complete assembly.  Instructions are included.  Recommended lifting charge of 50 grains of FFG or FFFG powder.  


Manufactured by Signal Source LLC 

Weight: 1 lb

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