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37mm Featured Products

Exotic Firearms LLC is your online retail location for all things 37mm including, 37mm loading kits, rounds, flares and 37mm launchers.

Specializing in manufacturing reloading supplies, ammo, and rounds for the 37mm launcher. We offer educational assistance to help make your 37mm reloading hobby as fun and easy as possible.  Feel free to contact us with any 37mm questions; whether it's about the right type of 37mm launcher for you, or about flare rounds and loading kits, we are here to help. 

We currently do not sell to parties outside the United States or export any weapons. 

We are constantly in the process of developing new and fun options for your 37mm launcher.  Check out our new products page to see the latest.    

Exotic Firearms LLC has a range of 37mm launcher kits that cover educational and recreational usage. Our complete 37mm launcher kits include star clusters, bird bangers, bird dog trainers, flares, firework and smoke projectiles rounds to fit your 37mm launcher.


Click here to see our popular fireworks kits! 

37mm Featured Products