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Exotic Firearms has a range of 37mm educational and instructional videos and manuals to enhance the usage of your 37mm launcher. Watch 37mm reloading videos, view live instructional videos, or educational videos and see our 37mm launchers in action.

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Exotic Firearms Manuals

Ready Load Projectile Instructions

White Smoke Projectile Instructions

Cyclone Projectiles

37mm Rocket Flare Instructions

Bird Banger Instructions

Read before Constructing any 37mm Rounds

Reloading 37mm Rounds

Bird Dog Training Projectile Instructions

37mm Firework Projectile Instructions

37mm Smoke Projectile Instructions

37mm Star Cluster Instructions

Product Recommendations

Red Star Directions

Fireball Instructions

Parachute Flare Instructions

Supply List

X-52 Projectile Instructions


We hope you enjoy our 37mm launcher videos as much as we love making them. 37mm launchers are a great way to experience the fun and joy of shooting a big 37mm round in the air. 37mm ammo must be experienced to believe. We make our 37mm launchers and 37mm ammo for you. Let us be your partner in the 37mm launcher and 37mm ammo experience. Happy shooting.