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Hey, 37mm fans! Today Exotic Firearms is doing a side-by-side comparison of Spikes vs. the B&D 37mm launchers. 
First it should be noted that both 37mm launchers function well for their intended purpose and are safe to operate.
The Spikes 12” launcher and the B&D UBL 37 are priced identically and the real difference (in our opinion) is how they mount. 
Mounting the 37mm Launchers: 
Mounting the Spikes Tactical 37mm launcher means having a built-in rail mount that is sleek and not very noticeable. It allows it to mount to any rail over 5” long. The B&D UBL 37 has a clamp system that attaches to both the top rail of the launcher and the lower rail of the rifle. It can mount to rails systems smaller than 4” but 4” and bigger is recommended. It is our opinion that for rifle mounting applications the Spikes Tactical Launcher is a cleaner looking and easier 37mm launcher to mount. 
Stand Alone Stock System Mounting the 37MM Launcher:
Spikes Tactical manufactures the Kaos Stock system in two types for their 37mm systems. One has the standard six position stock, and the other has the side folding AGP stock. These are nicely made but cost almost as much as the launcher.
B&D manufactures the stock block for the UBL 37 which cost only $100 and has a pistol grip attached. Additionally, there's a rear sight on the stock block and it is designed to fit any commercial tube and AR stock. Which means we one can put their favorite stock on the UBL with ease. Another bonus to the UBL system is the front lower rail attached to the barrel, which allows for the easy attachment of a vertical foregrip. It is our opinion that for the standalone type application the B&D 37mm UBL Launcher is the clear frontrunner, plus it costs about $100 less than the Spikes Kaos 37mm stock system. 

Written by Ryan Fisher — April 16, 2014

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