EF Industries LLC

These 37mm loading and reloading grab bags include your choice of 60 or 100 37mm projectiles for your 4th of July celebration (or any celebration you can think of).

The Patriot Kit gets you 100 projectiles for your 37mm celebration: 5 Bird Banger kits, 5 Star Cluster kits, 3 Powder Bushing 10 packs, 2 Firework kits, 1 Rocket Projectile construction kit, and an instruction booklet. The Stars and Stripes Kit gets you 60 projectiles for your 37mm party: 4 Bird Banger kits, 4 Star Cluster kits and an instruction booklet. 

It's everything you need to reload your 37mm rounds and have an epic party. These kits are only available until midnight on July 1st. 

Written by Ryan Fisher — May 13, 2014

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