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Let's look at this scenario: You've just gotten your 37mm launcher and 37mm ammo, and you'd like to start trying them out, but you're not sure where to do it? 

See our 37mm ammo starter kits here. They're in stock right now. 

The Exotic Firearms 37mm ammo starter kit contains:

  • 5  Aluminum casings
  • 1 "Bird Banger" kit
  • 10 - payload cup caps
  • 5 - fused Large payload cups
  • 3 - Large payload cups
  • 2- Small payload cups
  • 1 - 4" fused XL payload cup
  • 5 - powder bushings
  • Reloading information booklet  

It's a savings of over $10.00 when you compare to buying the pieces individually. 

Written by Ryan Fisher — May 19, 2014

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