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Each Fourth of July and New Year's, Exotic Firearms fires off a couple hundred 37mm ammo rounds. 
Making this amount of 37mm ammo for the 37mm launchers takes time. Making this amount of 37mm ammo for your celebration does not require a large amount of casings. Typically what we do is to manufacture the 37mm projectiles and pile them up in a box ready to load into casings. Once all the 37mm ammo is made we use about 30 or so casings and prelaod this ammo into the casings.
The rest of the 37mm ammo is kept in a box and brought out during the celebration. While our friends, family, and kids fire the 37mm ammo off, I typically sit in a lawn chair and relaod the projectiles into the empty casings they bring back. This actually occurs quite quickly because the 37mm ammo already has the rubber bands on them and all that is needed is to pop the primer, push a new one in, pour in a new lifting charge, cut the fuse and push the 37mm ammo into the casing. No need to glue the top since it is about to be handed off and shot. Keeping a small 4” piece of a 2x4 on hand helps make the process faster. 

Written by Ryan Fisher — May 26, 2014

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