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NOW in stock and ready to use. 

The Nemesis is an Exotic Firearms creation designed after the M203 It is the latest in launcher technology and is single action with a cocking lever on the bottom. It boasts a positive trigger block safety, and is the strongest under-barrel launcher on the market. As with all Exotic Firearms Flare Launcher products, it is chambered in 37/38 mm and made to the highest standards of American workmanship. Constructed of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and 4140 hardened steel, it is rugged while maintaining a reasonable weight. 

This product has particular appeal to SWAT Launcher Specialists and LEO's who might prefer to have a launcher as part of their primary armament. Please contact us for any specific needs. These 37mm launchers can be used with any of our 37mm reloadable casings.

They can be used in conjunction with the Havoc Stock systems to make them a standalone system.

Written by Ryan Fisher — January 21, 2015

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