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This 37mm ammo kit includes all that is needed to begin reloading your 37mm launcher except, primers, black powder and a hot glue gun.

37mm Starter kit will contain 6 Aluminum Casings, 2 "Bird Banger" kit, 16 payload cup caps, 10 fused Large payload cups, 3 Large payload cups, 2 Small payload cups, 1 - 4" fused XL payload cup, 10 powder bushings, Flying fish "bee" fuse, Black powder measuring tool, Primer punch, Funnel, Reloading information booklet, 1 Rocket Flare Projectile, 1 - Multi smoke projectile, 1 Star insert pack. 

This Starter kit will get you well on your way to enjoying 4th of July in style! 

Written by Ryan Fisher — May 04, 2015

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