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37mm launchers can be game changers when it comes to doing night time shooting.  

A simple 37mm white star cluster can quickly illuminate the target range, adding an element of temporary clarity and excitement to an organized night shoot.  For the person who launches the 37mm star cluster, it is a quick transition from firing the launcher with their off hand to aiming back down range and engaging their target with their primary shooting hand.

For longer, illuminated periods, parachute flares can be launched to give up to 45 seconds of illumination.  Adding 37mm firework rounds to the event can effectively simulate using live grenades while giving brilliant visuals of burning stars erupting from the ground.  Combine our 37mm construction kits with our piney Mountain tracers for a night shoot and the whole event could also be quite inexpensive.

Written by Ryan Fisher — May 29, 2013

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