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Would you like to learn how to put together your 37mm rocket flare? 

...we knew you would. Here's a simple set of instructions for you to follow for your 37mm launcher rocket flare. 


1) Set out all parts and rocket engine (A10 T3). 

2) Using the hot glue gun, place glue around the outside of the rocket engine and slide it in the hole at the base of the rocket projectile.

3) Place a small amount of hot glue inside on the top of the rocket engine along the paper edges. Do not cover the combustible rocket composition on the top.

4) Measure and pour in the base of the payload area 20 grains of pyrodex powder.

5) Place payload in the payload cup (Firework Stars). 

6) Using a piece of a paper towel or a paper disc cover, place the payload inside the projectile.

7) Fill the remainder of the payload cup space with hot glue, then push the rocket cap on the


8) Cut a 1” section of time fuse. Put a drop of hot glue on one end and place the fuse in the hole of the rocket motor (this is to ensure ignition). 

9) Using two rubber bands, wrap them tightly around the base of the rocket projectile and set them aside.

10) Prepare a large 4.5” casing by pushing a primer into the base of the casing.

11) Now glue the bottom of a powder bushing with hot glue and push it into the base of the casing.

12) Measure and pour 65 grains of pyrodex into the center of the powder bushing.

13) Insert the Rocket Flare projectile into the 4.5” casing. 

14) Seal around the top edges of the casing and the projectile with hot glue to seal it up and complete the round.


Written by Ryan Fisher — August 05, 2013

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