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These 37mm ammo grab bags includes your choice of Reloading Kits with 30, 48, 100, or 120 projectiles of Live Ammo, Ready Load rounds, or reload kits for your 4th of July celebration (or any celebration really, MERICA!!).

It's everything you need to reload your 37mm launcher and have an epic party. These kits are only available until midnight on July 1st. Hazmat is included in price for live ammo packages.  


NEW Ready Load Option

Lets Do it Live Package Includes 3 Whistle Pigs, 3 Breakers, 3 Freedom Tracers, 3 Comets, 3 Dragon Eggs, 3 Glitter and Shine, 3 Flying Bees, 3 Sonic Signals, 3 Thunder Crackle and 3 Screaming Eagles.  Total of 30 Live Rounds in Aluminum Casings. 

Lets Do it Live Block Party Package Includes 12 Whistle Pigs, 12 Breakers, 12 Freedom Tracers, 12 Comets, 12 Dragon Eggs, 12 Glitter and Shine, 12 Flying Bees, 12 Sonic Signals, 12 Thunder Crackle, and 12 Screaming Eagles. Total of 120 Live rounds in Aluminum casings.

The Patriot Kit gets you 48 Ready Load Projectiles for your 37mm launcher: 6 Whistle Pigs, 6 Breakers, 6 Freedom Tracers, 6 Comets, 6 Dragon Eggs, 6 Glitter and Shine, 6 Flying Bees, and 6 Screaming Eagles.  Instructions included. A savings of $180 off retail.

The Stars and Stripes Kit gets you 100 projectiles of 37mm ammo: 5 Bird Banger kits, 3 Star Cluster kits, 1 Smoke Projectile kits, 3 Powder Bushing 10 packs, 1 Firework kits, 10 - 4" Fused Payload cups, 5 Cyclone Projectiles, 3 packages of Crackle, and an instruction booklet. A savings of $180 off retail.  

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