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37MM High Pressure Chalk Round Type "B"

Sold out.

NEW!!!! 37MM High Pressure Chalk Projectile Type "B"

This is the reusable type "B" projectile that fits on the high pressure base. 

Requires High pressure base to fire. Sold separately or as part of one of our high pressure starter kits.


This High pressure base is designed to work with Ramset 32CW green #3 blanks.  Removal of the spent brass is easily done by taping the base on a hard surface or using a small punch like the one that comes in our Deluxe starter kit.  The chalk projectiles Type "A" and "B" are designed to work with the smaller plastic Easter egg shells like the ones found in the party section of Walmart with silly putty in them.  Type "A" uses the top of the egg and Type "B" uses the bottom. 


This base and projectiles are only safe to fire out of the Exotic Firearms Nemesis SL, or the X-Products X37 37MM launchers.  Use in any other launcher may result in personal injury and or damage to your launcher.