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37mm Loading Supplies: Exotic Firearms in Reno!

Exotic Firearms in Reno!
April 18, 19 & 20, 2014 

The Big Reno Show is the biggest show of its kind. Displayed at the Big Reno Show is selections for buyers, sellers and collectors of 37mm loading supplies. See Exotic Firearms at the Big Reno Show with tons of 37mm loading accessories. 

9am-6pm Fri-Sat
9am-3pm Sun

See here for more details. 

37mm Anodized Casings Now in Stock!

Exotic Firearms 37mm anodized casings now in stock! Exotic Firearms 37mm loading casings are high quality loading accessories for your 37mm launcher. Ask us about our 37mm loading supplies for your launchers today! 


37mm Casing Back in Stock

Yes, our 37mm loading casings are back in stock at Exotic Firearms. 

Our 37mm casings are for use with black powder loads and black powder substitute. Do not load with smokeless powder for the 37mm aluminum casing. Uses a #209 shotgun primer. 

37mm Loading: Honey Bee

Watch out for that sting-- it's the 37mm loading Honey Bee. 


This 37mm projectile can be fired out of the 3.5" or 4.5" aluminum 37mm casing with a 37mm powder bushing. This 37mm loading round is for training/fun purposes only and contains no payload. 


37mm Rockets and Casings

It's a package of Exotic Firearms 37mm rockets and casings! Anyone got a good caption for this one? :) 

Exotic Firearms 37mm loading rockets and casings. Our 37mm Rocket Flare Construction Kit contains five 37mm rocket flare projectiles with five rocket lids, five 37mm powder bushings, a disc insert pack, colored stars for the payload, and instructions. Load your 37mm launcher today! 

FREE SHIPPING Weekend with Exotic Firearms

It's an Exotic Firearms FREE SHIPPING weekend

Tell your friends-- if you're wanting to take our products for a test drive, this is the time to make an order. 
Min. $50 purchase, please. Good today through Sunday. Use the coupon code: freeship  Expires March 10th, 2014

37mm Loading: Flare Adapter

 Next up for Exotic Firearms: the 37mm Loading Flare Adapter. 

Manufactured by Spikes Tactical, this is a 37mm to 12GA Flare Adapter. Designed to allow the use of standard 12GA marine flares in your 37mm launcher. 

Give our 37mm Flare Adapter a try for your loading needs. 

37mm Loading at the Salt Lake City Gun Show

37mm Loading at the Salt Lake City Gun Show: 

Mar 1st - 2nd, 2014

Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sunday 9am - 4pm

This Sandy, UT gun show will be held at the South Towne Expo Center and is hosted by Rocky Mountain Gun Shows of Utah.

More event details here

See our 37mm loading and reloading supplies with Exotic Firearms!