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37 Days of 37MMs: Free Shipping Reminder

37 Days of 37MMs: Just our weekly reminder that we're extending our free shipping promo until Christmas Eve. Just use the code EXOTICBANG. A $50 minimum is all you need to take advantage of our 37mm offer. 

Here are some cool 37mm gift ideas for your friends and family: 

37mm launchers

Red and green .22lr Piney Mountain tracers 

Starter kits

Construction kits 

Fireworks projectiles

Smoke projectiles 

Bird bangers (bird bombs) 


37 Days of 37MMs: .22LR Red Tracers

Piney Mountain's .22LR tracer ammunition produces a bright red beam for over 100 yards.

The .22lr tracer trail is visible no matter the time of day and allows a clear view of the trajectory, path, and point of impact. Check out the video to see exactly how our .22lr tracers light up the sky. 

37 Days of 37MMs: Bird Bombs and Bangers

Gun dog training 37mm projectiles.

Our 37mm Bird Bombs/ Bird Banger kits are designed to be used with a 37mm launcher. The gun dog hears the report and a scented 37mm projectile falls from the sky. These gun dog training projectiles are reusable and reloadable. 

This kit includes the components for 5 scented projectiles in one of three scents: duck, grouse, or pheasant.

Our Bird Bomb 37mm kit includes:

  • 5- 4” 37mm reusable payload cups
  • 5- Payload cup lids
  • 1.25oz bottle of Pete Rickards dog trainer scent
  • 5- 37mm powder bushings


37 Days of 37MMs: Holiday Celebration Grab Bag

Next up on our 37 Days of 37MMs: Our 37MM Holiday Grab Bag. 

Our 37mm Holiday Grab Bag includes:

5 Bird Banger kits

4 Star Cluster kits

2 Firework kits

2 Rocket Construction kits

3 packs of Powder Bushings (10 per pack)

It's a $470 value, but we're offering you a holiday discount for these 37mm accessories. It's now $320! It's our 37mm gift to you this Christmas, so start your holidays with a BOOM. 

37 Days of 37MMs: We Love Rockets

Well, it goes without saying. We love our 37mm accessories and products, but we really enjoy rockets. Specifically, rocket launchers. 

Click here to look at this shot we took for some sweet 37mm rocket launcher action. 

37 Days of 37MMs: FREE SHIPPING

It's Day 7 of 37 Days of 37MMs and we're celebrating with an Exotic BANG. 

In fact, that's our coupon code: EXOTICBANG (all caps) and you get FREE SHIPPING on our 37mm products all the way up until Christmas Eve. 

Yes, any and all of our 37mm products will ship for FREE to you. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Exotic Firearms!  Expires Dec 12th, 2013