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Win Limited Edition Projectiles!

Enter our photo contest to win our 5 spooky black rockets and 2.5" fused projectiles! 

The theme: PUMPKINS at a SHOOTING RANGE. Send us your photos in this theme and you could be chosen to win these limited edition products! Just post your photos here

You can't buy 'em anywhere else. We choose the winner on Oct. 30, so get on it!

22 LR Tracers

Piney Mountain 22LR tracers have some considerable differences when compared to most tracers. Piney Mountain tracers are hollowed out in the back and the tracer element is inside the bullet. 

When fired at night, these 22LR tracers are visible from the rear but only visible from the front once the tracer reaches a 45 degree angle. Since these 22LR tracers are hollowed in the back, the tracer element never makes contact with the barrel; they are clean and not corrosive. 

The green 22LR tracers are slightly brighter than the red and both are brighter than 5.56 tracers. 

New Look and New 37mm Products!

You heard us correctly. If you're reading this from the website, you've already seen the new look for Exotic Firearms! We're really excited about the changes and feel free to comment and let us know what you think! 

Now on to the new products... 

Get excited, because we're launching a variety of new 37mm accessories, products, and features this fall. We have some great ideas, so don't forget to sign up for the newsletter. Our newsletter recipients will be getting knowledge of the new products firsthand from Exotic Firearms. 

And just because we're feeling patriotic today... 

Never Forget

Today we remember all of the innocent men and women who lost their lives on 9/11/2001 and all of the courageous policemen and firefighters who died putting others before themselves. 

Exotic Firearms How-To Videos

That's right-- Exotic Firearms teaches you how to put together your 37mm kits for your launcher. We have videos on how to build star clusters as we're going to be adding more pretty soon. 

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Piney Mountain .22LR Tracers

Piney Mountain .22LR tracers, (unlike most tracers) are non-corrosive and do not hurt the barrel.  

Most .22LR tracer rounds have the tracer chemicals are on the back of the bullet. Piney Mountain tracers are hollowed out in the back, creating a pocket, making it so the tracer compound never makes contact with the barrel.

Because of this, an additional benefit is that they are less likely to start a fire. These .22LR tracers burn for 150 meters and can be easily seen both day and night. 

37mm Rocket Flare Instructions

Would you like to learn how to put together your 37mm rocket flare? 

...we knew you would. Here's a simple set of instructions for you to follow for your 37mm launcher rocket flare. 


1) Set out all parts and rocket engine (A10 T3). 

2) Using the hot glue gun, place glue around the outside of the rocket engine and slide it in the hole at the base of the rocket projectile.

3) Place a small amount of hot glue inside on the top of the rocket engine along the paper edges. Do not cover the combustible rocket composition on the top.

4) Measure and pour in the base of the payload area 20 grains of pyrodex powder.

5) Place payload in the payload cup (Firework Stars). 

6) Using a piece of a paper towel or a paper disc cover, place the payload inside the projectile.

7) Fill the remainder of the payload cup space with hot glue, then push the rocket cap on the


8) Cut a 1” section of time fuse. Put a drop of hot glue on one end and place the fuse in the hole of the rocket motor (this is to ensure ignition). 

9) Using two rubber bands, wrap them tightly around the base of the rocket projectile and set them aside.

10) Prepare a large 4.5” casing by pushing a primer into the base of the casing.

11) Now glue the bottom of a powder bushing with hot glue and push it into the base of the casing.

12) Measure and pour 65 grains of pyrodex into the center of the powder bushing.

13) Insert the Rocket Flare projectile into the 4.5” casing. 

14) Seal around the top edges of the casing and the projectile with hot glue to seal it up and complete the round.