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37 Days of 37MMs: Assemble Projectiles

Another from the bank of 37 Days of 37MMs. Up next: Rocket Projectiles. 

These are among our personal favorites. Learn how to assemble your Exotic Firearms Rocket Projectile here

37 Days of 37MMs: .22lr Tracer Rounds

We're on day 4 of 37 Days of 37MMs. 

Today our focus is on .22lr tracer rounds. You can light up the sky with Exotic Firearms .22lr tracer rounds for your 37mm launcher. See a sweet video demo here


37 Days of 37MMs: Bird Bombs

It's now day 3 of 37 Days of 37MMs. We know we couldn't get far without mentioning Bird Bangers, or Bird Bombs. 

Need some help with construction? We've got a great video you can use for reference. Click here to see our Bird Bombs. 

37 Days of 33MMs

This year, we're gifting you with a sweet deal.

Our Holiday Grab Bag includes everything you see here:

5 Bird Banger kits

4 Star Cluster kits

2 Firework kits

2 Rocket Construction kits

3 packs of Powder Bushings (10 per pack)

It's a $470 value, but we're offering you a holiday discount. It's now $320! It's our gift to you this Christmas, so start your holidays with a BOOM.


Another Day at the Range

Yep, just another day at the range. 

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving, everyone! Enjoy the holiday, we know we will. 

Quantity Discount for 22LR Tracers

If you're a regular purchaser of our Piney Mountain 22LR tracers, we have good news for you. 
When you buy 10 of either color, you can save $20 by purchasing an entire brick. 
By the way, Piney Mountain tracers are made in Georgia. Let's support another American-made company and have some fun in the process!

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